About us

About ACME Appliance Repair


For Sub-Zero refrigeration service call us toll free: 800-440-8583

Since 1988 ACME Appliance has been offering professional appliance service and repair.

We strive to provide services that will meet all customer needs and ensure that we are the best appliance repair shop in the area!

Technical Knowledge?

 Professional Servicer’s Association TCAP award for a Certified Service Center (Technician Certified Appliance Professional)
 Environmental Protection Agency 608 Universal License (Levels 1,2,3)

 900 Hour Trade School Certification for Major Home Appliance Repair and Refrigeration


 All appliance repair calls are made around a 3 hour window of your selection during operating hours (9-6 M-F & 9-3 Sat)
 Every call you make for service is screened for keywords to provide you a rapid resolution

 All calls are designed to have a completed repair made within 24 hours of diagnosis

Our Technicians

All of our technicians at ACME Appliance, are hand selected for their extensive experience and knowledge about working with all types and brands of appliances. Our company is dedicated to ongoing training and offers technicians a chance to continually hone and develop new skill sets with advancing technologies.

Our Pricing

ACME Appliances strives to offer excellent service and repair all for competitive rates you can afford.

Our Technicians

Technicians of ACME Appliance are all fully certified and carry insurance. Technicians are willing and capable of solving all types of problems and completing skilled service. They boast an extraordinary knowledge and pledge to the utmost level of professionalism on all projects they encounter.